Helping homeless women and children...

Our Mission

Every night in the Evansville, Indiana area alone more than 400 individuals find themselves without a place to call home.  One third of these are children.  The House of Bread and Peace is a shelter for single women and women with children.  Since opening in 1985, it has provided a homelike environment in which hundreds of homeless women and children have been able to heal from the wounds of homelessness.  

The mission of The House of Bread and Peace is to provide for the basic needs of homeless women and children while assisting the women in becoming independent and self-sufficient.  We help them build a strong foundation for a more successful life by identifying and addressing their individual needs and goals. 

Provide Food

Provide Shelter

Build Independence

Develop Self-Sufficiency

Build Foundations

Help Acheive Goals

Patricia Wells
Night House Manager

After volunteering for many years at the House, Patty agreed to be our Night Manager in 2016. Patty;s kind and helpful nature shines through when she is assisting residents. We are grateful for her flexibility and hard work!

Shelley Carter
House Manager

Shelley began her faithful journey with the House of Bread and Peace in 2001 at the urging of Father Ted Temple and Sister Joanna. her work ethic shows in her dedication to the House and her service to the most vulnerable in our community.